Mr Switch, otherwise known as Anthony Culverwell, is a standout amongst the most gifted (and brightened) DJs to leave the UK, noted worldwide for his adaptability, party-shaking capacities and scratch aptitudes. Having made his name and notoriety on the DJ fight circuit, Switch’s endeavors driven him to take a definitive prize and turn into the reigning DMC World Champion in 2014 — the longest standing DJ rivalry on the planet. This is his fourth world title, taking after his consecutive wins in the ‘Fight for World Supremacy’ three years in succession.

Under his past appearance of DJ Switch, Anthony executed as soloist in Gabriel Prokofiev’s ‘Concerto For Turntables’ close by the National Youth Orchestra in 2011, turning into the primary DJ in history to perform on the BBC Proms — the UK’s biggest established music celebration. We figured here at DJ Mag Tech: who else would be the deck specialist most appropriate to put Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-SZ2 through its paces?

What do you like about the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2?

“Going to the SZ2 interestingly, I was struck by the way that all that I need out of a DJ setup is in this one unit — and all the more other than. It gives you that sentiment being a child, when you can lose a whole day simply playing around with a fresh out of the box new toy and discovering what it can do.”

The styling, how would you discover this?

“The design is awesome, everything is in an intelligent place and I can discover my way around it decently fast. There’s a considerable measure of elements in the unit, which makes it a major size, yet it doesn’t feel cramped. I shading code my prompt specimens, so those cushions being enormous, intense and vivid truly works for me.”

What about the nature of the fabricate — catches, runs and so forth?

“The trigger catches are one of Pioneer DJ’s best advancements as of late. I have an inclination that I can bash them as much as I need or need to, and they react brilliantly — I don’t have that stress of setting off a specimen heaps of times and the unit missing a signal. The Velocity highlight is a demonstration of that. The run haggles Magvel fader are both extremely solid. As somebody who does a great deal of scratching, I feel on safe ground with both.”

Can you talk us through a portion of the new upgrades to the DDJSZ2 that you find valuable?

“The greatest one is the manner by which intently this unit works with Serato programming — I think having committed flip controls, and the fresh out of the plastic new key-move stuff, readily available makes those components feel extremely open and simple to utilize. I can see numerous more DJs having the capacity to utilize them in a flash. The new arrangement of choices for the in-fabricated oscillator (specifically the 808 “drop” trigger) bounced out straight away. They’re all great ones to use amid your set.”

How do the runs feel in contrast with a consistent CDJ?

“The platters have enhanced low inactivity, and that certainly appears. They can even take doublehanded scratch moves, and in addition any CDJ-style platter could. They handle to a great degree well. I wouldn’t be awkward doing a scratch exhibit with them. The inclination changes are there for your own particular individualisation, however the construct quality justifies itself with real evidence here.”

How would you discover DDJ-SZ2 contrasting it with a CDJ/DJM set-up?

“I for the most part utilize Serato to play off, and the SZ2 has the straight-up favorable position of straightforwardly controlling eight signs, Serato FX, pitch play, Flip… all these additional components that are yours to control straight away. With a CDJ set-up I’d require an additional MIDI controller or something — which is fi ne, however I like that everything has its own particular separate catch, contrasted with a CDJ set-up. In addition, you can run four decks off a two-deck set-up with the controller, so it spares you twice as much space!”

Shouldn’t something be said about the execution elements of the controller?

“In the event that you check the dispatch video for the SZ2, (spoiler ready) I’m the person in the engine, so you get the chance to perceive how I handle the unit in an execution! There are such a large number of elements incorporated with the unit, finding where a few controls are set can be precarious — in the event that you haven’t gotten comfortable with the front board, or on the off chance that you require them rapidly — however I don’t know whether most DJs for the most part need them very as fast as I accomplished for the video! In any case, that is the point at which it winds up plainly valuable that there are that many controls, for that numerous individual components, you can trigger a considerable measure of things in the meantime.”

What are the Key and Pitch highlights like?

“The Key Shift components are splendid. They have been such a great amount of amusing to utilize, and quite simple to discover your way around surprisingly. Basic, shrewd and straightforward. You can either key adjust the tracks together (so Serato picks the closest key to match), or look here and there through the key alternatives yourself. While I was concocting the routine for the demo video, the key synchronize include got me so energized, and I needed to grandstand it firmly.”

Being used, how does the new DDJ-SZ2 contrast with other set-ups, prominently speed of operation with the new elements? Does it make for a less demanding life as a DJ?

“I would state it certainly makes my DJ life simpler. It really includes another layer of fervor, despite the fact that you don’t feel like you’re passing up a major opportunity for anything right now. For all intents and purposes each component is either at first glance, or one move layer away, so every individual element is just two catches away at most. I think and expectation this gets DJs, who may have been apprehensive about including all the more energizing components into their DJs sets, more amped up for those potential outcomes.”

Would you prompt DJs who claim the last incarnation of the DDJ to exchange up to the new DDJ-SZ2? Do the enhancements warrant this game-plan?

“I would prescribe the redesign. Clearly, everything boils down to individual taste, and it is a major venture. In any case, on the off chance that you utilize Serato, and you need to make utilization of each potential component that can add genuine shading to your set, this is the unit to do it with. You can go not far off of MIDI controllers and other stuff, however it won’t be as moment and as fun as everything is here. The enhanced platters and sound quality are a decent reward on top.”

Are there whatever other perceptions that you might want to talk about the new DDJ-SZ2 player?

“It’s been loaded with each component you could require in a DJ set — this is a unit for top of the line execution DJing, and testing limits. A few components may require a touch of time to make sense of (flip spaces are one of only a handful couple of I don’t have a clue about my way around yet), yet for all intents and purposes everything is very much put, simple to get to… the genuinely saucy expression ‘extreme DJ arrangement’ springs to mind, yet it fits this unit.”

Would you ever consider backpedaling to the CDJ and DJM NXS2, or do you incline toward controllerism and the DDJSZ2?

“I would in any case utilize a DJM at shows, those circumstances where it’s less demanding to turn up and utilize the current set-up. The FX bank is dependably dope to utilize, and the X-Pad is an underhanded element. Be that as it may, by and large, in the event that I would I be able to would shake each show with the SZ2, there’s nothing lost from it.”

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